Fabienne Fauritte
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"No matter how many years, how much work and constant practice, the same magic recurs in the action of the bow caressing the strings, in this motion of fingers on the fingerboard. The same voice is summoned up as if in a dream, and your eyes close to receive this inner sound. At that point, what you hear in yourself harmonizes with the perceptions that come from the outside. Descending into the interior self, you can capture the primeval voice, the purest idea of sound and its color. It has the allure of a prayer, which sweeps the body and the gestures of the violinist along in a surge of devotion."

Yehudi Menuhin.

"Fabienne Fauritte is an extremely talented violinist. Her playing is very expressive, emotional and sensitive. She covers a very broad and interesting repertoire."

Lydia Mordkovitch.

Playing the violin draws me into a world beyond reason and beyond time.

Fabienne Fauritte.

Violin Fabienne Fauritte by Cecile Boulat Fauritte

Drawing by Cecile Boulat Fauritte

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