Fabienne Fauritte
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Fabienne Fauritte began playing the violin at the age of eight. In her native city of Lyon, in France, she studied under the best of internationally known teachers, among them Irina Medvedeva. Still continuing her studies, she performed in concerts throughout Europe.

After her valuable experience in France, Fabienne decided to move to London, where she attended the Royal Academy of Music and studied under the renowned violinist Lydia Mordkovitch. At the R.A.M. she graduated with distinction both as a teacher and as a soloist and received the Elsie Spater Award. This phase in Fabienne's career reached its high point when she gave a solo performance for the Queen Mother at a private concert held at Buckingham Palace to celebrate her birthday.

Though she had now acquired a highly refined technique as a violinist, Fabienne felt there was further to go. She decided to continue her quest for the technique that would perfectly satisfy her aspirations. With this objective, she travelled to Germany, where she studied under two maestros of the violin, Igor Ozim and Zakhar Bron.

It was becoming clear that the music that most deeply inspired her came from a country that was still unknown to her: Russia. In Moscow, the teacher Maya Glezarova was to open the way to an important phase of musical and personal self- realisation.

The very last stage in her pursuit of the technical perfection that characterises Fabienne's playing was to take place in Spain. In Madrid, Sergei Fatkouline, the great teacher and master of the violinist's art, instructed her in the final points of technique needed to complete the development of this brilliant performer.

In the course of long journeys across the world Fabienne has given solo performances with various orchestras in France and has undertaken concert tours in England, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Russia. Fabienne's professional life has been completely taken up with classes and concerts. Not only that. Steve Elcock wrote a concerto for violin and orchestra that he dedicated to her.

Her story illustrates the bond that links Fabienne to the violin. There is a spiritual dimension to her relationship with the violin and this has brought her what few people can claim to experience, the realisation of her dreams.

Fabienne's repertoire is something unique. It is born of an obsessive devotion to the violin. It has taken years to reach the maturity needed to perfect this such a beautiful, romantic repertoire. There is not a single misplaced, superfluous or hypocritical note. Where words can sometimes meet with a resistance to understanding, nothing can obscure the deep feeling that this violinist expresses through music.

Though it seemed that fate had granted Fabienne everything she could wish for, there was another gift in store for her. Almost four centuries ago, in Cremona, Italy, the land of instrument makers, where every tree had its own character and to cut down a tree was to steal its soul, Andrea Guarneri used all his artistry and established his fame when he made a beautiful violin. The violin he made in 1667 is now in Fabienne's hands.